March 2023 - June 2023

My long distance partner and I could only do a few activities, the main one being watching movies and shows at the same time. But before we could watch we'd have to reach a consensus of what to watch. We did keep track of media we did want to watch on the Notes app. Media that my partner had already watched would be in bold. And he would update it and screenshot it everyday to send to me. There had to be a better way and thankfully I had the power to bring it to real life.

Watchlist is a React app hosted on Netlify with Firebase as the database. It pulls data from The Movie Database API in order to quickly fill in information about the movie/show such as description, genres, poster, and trailer. We can easily filter for shows less than 2 hours in length if we're short on time. And there is a random button functionality that will choose a random movie or show if we don't know what to watch. It was most important for me to design this mobile first as I knew we'd mostly look at this site on mobile when figuring out what to watch.

We still use Watchlist to this day even though we are no longer long distance but I will not link to it because I still need to add authentication functionality so we are the only ones who can edit it haha.

Less Than 2 Hours Filter Random functionality