A Sea of Quotes
October 2011 - May 2020

Born out of my love for the written word, I created this Tumblr blog in 2011 in which quotes from literature were thoughtfully hand picked and posted. As of December 2017, ASQ has over 316,000 followers and over 2 million visits. Instead of using pre-made Tumblr themes, I wrote and designed the theme myself from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JS on Tumblr's code editor. I tracked visits via Google Analytics and earned income through Google Ads.

In 2012, I decided to make an iOS app for my Tumblr blog, A Sea of Quotes. However, I knew nothing about coding at the time and the free app generators I played with did not have the functionality or look I wanted. So 4 years later in my iOS class, I chose to fulfill my dream of making an iOS app for A Sea of Quotes. The app is more user-friendly for quote-hunting and quote-saving than the Tumblr app or mobile version of the blog, you can easily search for quotes which cannot be done in the Tumblr app, and a more consistent feel/look with the theme of ASQ which is difficult to customize on the Tumblr app. This was not published to the App Store because it still needs polishing and I didn't want to pay the developers license. Maybe one day I will revisit it.

I've expanded The Sea of Quotes brand to Facebook (over 8K likes), Twitter (over 1K followers), and Pinterest (over 1.8K followers) and designed ASQ and literature themed shirts, selling them on The Seas Apparel, a Spreadshirt store.

Please read my blog post for a more detailed account of this project.


Running a Successful Tumblr: My Journey With A Sea of Quotes